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We at JOIN PACK MACHINES lay a lot of stress on providing Timely Preventive & Breakdown Service for our machines. According to our business philosophy, this aspect of our Operation is THE Most Important Part of our day-to-day working. Our Sales & Service Engineers are technically prepared in training your Personnel in operating these Machines and also in basic trouble-shooting & preventive maintenance

Box Strapping Machines Automatic Strapping machines

Standard Stand Alone Model (A-93E)

Made For India Model
For Cross or Parallel Strapping
CE Standard Machine

Fully Automatic Roller Conveyor Table (A-93AR)

Automatic Strapping Machine, In-line, roller driven table top bottom seal - Model A-93 AR


Fully Automatic Belt Driven Table(A-93AB)

Operator Less Model
For Strapping Lighter Weight Cartons or Smaller Cartons

Fully Automatic Side Seal (A-93Y)

For Larger Sized Products
For Bigger height CartonsPerfect for Moist Products/Moist Conditions


Marine-Type (A-72YMT)

Low Table (A-93L)


Narrow Strap (A-66)

Strapping Machine For Newspapers, Magazines, Empty Corrugated Cartons, Light Weight Cartons / Small Size Cartons

Fully Automatic Belt Driven Table(A-72AB)


Narrow Strap (A-68)

A-68C Corrugated Bundler

Corrugated Bundler